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Textbooks: Checking In and Checking Out

Bring Your Student ID card to School!

Bring your student ID card with you to school every day to use it to check out library books and textbooks - it is especially important to have it with you when checking out your textbooks the first week of school!

If you are a new student or miss the first Wildcat Days, bring your class schedule with you until you receive your student ID card. 

Orange Textbook Condition Forms

1.  An orange textbook condition form should be filled out for each textbook that you are issued.  Your teachers will give you these forms. 

2.  Be sure to carefully record the barcode number located on the front of the textbook on the orange form.  Each textbook has its own unique barcode number.

3.  Students need to look through the textbook carefully and record damages on the orange form.  Look for bent corners, bruised bindings, ink, torn pages, graffitti, wear, and water damage.

4.  Students and parents should sign the orange form and return it to the classroom teacher.  These forms are collected by the teacher and held until June.

5.  The student is responsible for the damages that are not noted on the orange form.

6.  Students should take their textbooks home and find a safe, clean place to store them throughout the school year.  Be careful of puppies and  soft drinks!