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Staff Directory

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Contact Betsy Balmat  Betsy Balmat (925) 927-3530 Principal
Assistant Principals
Contact Jamey Carman  Jamey Carman (925) 927-3530 Assistant Principal
Contact Brian Mangold  Brian Mangold (925) 927-3530 Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Gina Corsiglia  Gina Corsiglia (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Contact Linda Murray  Linda Murray (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Contact Denise Taranto  Denise Taranto (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Contact Megan Wilson  Megan Wilson (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Contact Mary Nolan  Mary Nolan (925) 927-3541 Counselor G-O
Contact Tiffany Sullivan  Tiffany Sullivan (925) 927-3542 Counselor P - Z
Contact Stacey Goertzen  Stacey Goertzen ex: 1419 Library Specialist
Contact Barbara Stevens  Barbara Stevens ex: 3545 Library Media Teacher
Contact Isidro Alvarez  Isidro Alvarez ex: 1802 7th Grade Core
Contact Hannah Andrews  Hannah Andrews ex: 1704 Teacher
Contact Robert Anke  Robert Anke ex: 1201 Yearbook/Art/Wheel7
Contact Stephanie Anke  Stephanie Anke ex: 1414 PE 6
Contact Susan Applin  Susan Applin (925) 927-3530 ex: 1411 HOME EC
Contact Bob Athayde  Bob Athayde ex: 3540 Music
Contact Leslie Atwater  Leslie Atwater ex: 1805 CORE 6
Contact Nicole Azim  Nicole Azim ex: 1701 Core 6
Contact Jared Baker  Jared Baker ex: 1903 Teacher
Contact Christa Baldwin  Christa Baldwin ex: 1403 CORE 6 - Read 180
Contact Kathy Barber  Kathy Barber ex: 1806 CORE 6
Contact Victoria Bertrand  Victoria Bertrand ex: 1338 IST Sp. Ed
Contact Dave Borghi  Dave Borghi ex: 1413 PE 8
Contact Alexa Brown  Alexa Brown ex: 1808 Teacher
Contact Mark Brune  Mark Brune ex: 1416 PE 6, PE 7
Contact Brian Connolly  Brian Connolly ex: 1204 Computers/Wheel 6&7
Contact Casey Curtis  Casey Curtis ex: 1703 Teacher
Contact Alice Cyr  Alice Cyr ex: 1103 SCIENCE 8
Contact Sarah DeMatteo  Sarah DeMatteo ex: 1101 Science 7 & 8
Contact Rosie Ellis  Rosie Ellis ex: 1202 Teacher
Contact Danielle Ferraro  Danielle Ferraro ex: 1701 Teacher
Contact Rebecca Fortier  Rebecca Fortier ex: 1402 Teacher
Contact Donna Gallagher  Donna Gallagher ex: 1901 7th/8th grade Physical Education Teacher
Contact Michelle Giles  Michelle Giles ex: 1211 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Julie Gladden  Julie Gladden ex: 1805 CORE 6
Contact Diana Godfrey  Diana Godfrey ex: 1305 Math 6 & 7
Contact Lauren Hanzel  Lauren Hanzel ex: 1812 CORE 7
Contact Merrissa Hevenor  Merrissa Hevenor ex: 1813 CORE 7
Contact Cooper Howard  Cooper Howard (925) 927-3530 ex: 1304 Course 1/Course 2/Math Support 6/Math Support 7
Contact Katie Huckins  Katie Huckins (925) 927-3530 ex: 1301 English 8 / RAPP
Contact Jason Huntoon  Jason Huntoon ex: 1306 Course 3 Math and Math Support
Contact Shelby Johnston  Shelby Johnston ex: 1209 Teacher
Contact Anna Krumholz  Anna Krumholz ex: 1904 Science 6 & 7
Contact Teri Lusk  Teri Lusk ex: 1104 HIST 8
Contact Linda Mara  Linda Mara ex: 1208 Algebra/Math 8
Contact Geoff McCalmont  Geoff McCalmont ex: 1212 English 8
Contact Lilian McGlothlen  Lilian McGlothlen ex: 1212 Math 6 & 7
Contact Kathleen McGough  Kathleen McGough (925) 927-3530 ex: 1404 Core 7
Contact Michele Murphy  Michele Murphy ex: 1220 Wood Tech/Wheel 6 & 7
Contact Minh Ngo  Minh Ngo ex: 1408 Teacher
Contact Susan Olson  Susan Olson ex: 1802 Mandarin 1A & 1B, ELD
Contact Katy Ousterman  Katy Ousterman ex: 1408 Instructional Support Teacher
Contact Theresa Parini  Theresa Parini ex: 1214 Teacher
Contact Launa Parnas  Launa Parnas ex: 1603 Spanish 1A
Contact Adam Perry  Adam Perry ex: 3546 PE 7
Contact Anne Peterson  Anne Peterson ex: 1102 SCIENCE 8
Contact Katie Pitts  Katie Pitts ex: 1602 SPANISH 1A, 6th GRADE WHEEL, 7th GRADE DRAMA
Contact Eric Price  Eric Price ex: 1319 Teacher
Contact Kris Rasmussen  Kris Rasmussen ex: 1906 Science 6
Contact Alissa Reddam  Alissa Reddam ex: 1406 Instructional Support Teacher
Contact Darcy Reynolds  Darcy Reynolds ex: 3519 Teacher
Contact Amy Scheuerman  Amy Scheuerman ex: 1702 Teacher
Contact Renee Schmitz  Renee Schmitz ex: 1401 Teacher
Contact Susan Schoenrock  Susan Schoenrock ex: 1902 Teacher
Contact Claire Scott  Claire Scott ex: 1905 Teacher
Contact Victoria Shegoian  Victoria Shegoian ex: 1106 HIST 8/Leadership
Contact Jenny Sousa  Jenny Sousa ex: 1601 Spanish 1B
Contact Barbara Stevens  Barbara Stevens ex: 3545 Library Media Teacher
Contact Jennifer Sutherland  Jennifer Sutherland ex: 1105 History 8
Contact Liz Swerling  Liz Swerling ex: 1303 Teacher
Contact Robert Sykes  Robert Sykes ex: 1210 Math 7
Contact Rebecca Thompson  Rebecca Thompson ex: 1702 Core 6
Contact Debbie Valvur  Debbie Valvur ex: 1807 CORE 6
Contact Emily Walker  Emily Walker ex: 1204 Teacher
Contact Dale Webber  Dale Webber ex: 1409 Instructional Support Teacher
Contact Heather White  Heather White ex: 1301 CORE 7
Contact Claudia Windfuhr  Claudia Windfuhr ex: 1604 German 1A & 1B, French 1A & 1B
Contact Amy Wright  Amy Wright ex: 1302 Math: Course 3 and Course 3B/Algebra
Contact Rebecca Young  Rebecca Young ex: 1811 CORE 7
Contact Kate Zimmer  Kate Zimmer ex: 1406 Teacher