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Contact Information

Susan Schoenrock

Room 215

(925) 927-3530‬ extension 1215

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Wellness Elective Grade 7

Wellness Elective

What is the Wellness Rotation?

In this rotation, we will explore how our decisions impact an individual’s wellness and the wellness of others? We will explore specific topics as they relate to the Dimensions of Wellness:

  • Physical Wellness – nutrition, alcohol, tobacco/nicotine and marijuana
  • Emotional Wellness – stress management, sleep
  • Social Wellness – influence of our friends and family on our decisions and well-being
  • Intellectual Wellness – growth mindset, resilience and grit
  • Environmental Wellness

We may do some cooking activities. Please let Ms. Schoenrock know if you have any food related allergies.


How are grades earned?

Each student will have a portfolio in class to keep handouts and projects. Grading is based on class participation and assignment completion.


Behavior expectations:

1.  Have a positive attitude and be prepared to participate each and every day.

2.  Help your fellow students.

3.  Clean up at the end of each day.

4.  Read directions carefully and ask questions to clarify.

5.  Take care of all classroom supplies.

6.  Follow the rules of the class.




Wheel 7

The Wheel 7 rotation consists of Computers, Robotics, Wood Technology, Drama, and Wellness.  Each class will last 36 days or approximately 7 weeks.