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Contact Information

Ms. Susan Schoenrock

Room 215

Phone: (925) 927-3550 extension: 1215

Science Grade 7


7th Grade Science Syllabus


Course Overview: We will be exploring how to sustainably manage Earth’s resources for our future through the study of chemistry, geology, ecology and environmental science. LPIE will support our learning with Chemistry and Rocks and Crystals labs. Our field studies will include data collecting and analysis of the water quality and ecology of Las Trampas Creek.


Classroom Expectations & Student Responsibilities

  • Come to class prepared with your materials
  • When the bell rings, you should be in your seat, quiet, prepared, and ready to begin the day’s science experience.
  • Be respectful of other students and classroom supplies
  • When materials are set up on the tables for an investigation, please do not touch them until you receive instructions.  I routinely ask questions to get you thinking critically, observing closely and solving problems cooperatively.
  • Listen to and read all the instructions carefully before starting work.
  • Follow all safety procedures when doing labs and using equipment
  • At the end of the lab, help with the cleanup.
  • Ask for help if you need clarification
  • Cheating & Plagiarism are not allowed - each student must do his or her own 

I can meet with students at lunch and after school.  To make sure I am available, please email me that you would like to come in and we will set up a time that works for both of us.   Please do not hesitate to come in and talk with me!

Grading: Science grades will be composed of the following things:      

  • Tests/Quizzes: We will have quizzes throughout our unit.
  • Science Notebook: Each student will be supplied with a science notebook, which we will use in class every day.  All notes, activities, lab sheets, and graded work will be kept in the notebook and it will be collected periodically.
  • Classwork: It is expected that students will make good use of their time in class and that labs will be completed in class.  Occasionally finishing up lab questions or studying for an upcoming quiz or test may need to be done as homework.
  • Projects: There will be several projects during the year.  It is important to plan ahead and pay attention to due dates.
  • Each project will be assigned with specific written instructions.
  • A Current Event will be due roughly once a month (dates will be handed out with the written instructions).
  • SAY (Science Around You) Activity will be due twice during the year (dates will be handed out with the written instructions).
  • Homework: Check schoolloop for any assignments and due dates. Work is due on the date posted unless a previous arrangement is made. 

Extension Policy:  If a student feels that he/she needs a due-date extension, that extension must be asked for and approved no later than 24 hours before the assignment due date.  Extensions will be granted or denied on a case-by-case basis.  I will not grant extensions on the due date.


Absent Work: Science is a hands-on class so it is important that you attend class every day.  However, I understand there are situations that can’t be helped occasionally.  If you know you will be absent, please come see me beforehand to get the work you will miss.  If you have an unforeseen absence, please come see me on the day you return and we will make arrangements for you to make up any work you missed. 


Late/Missing Work:  I accept late and/or missing work for 70% credit within the trimester - first 7 days of the assignment being due. If a student is completing an assignment while it is being collected, it will be considered late.



Scope of 7th Grade Science
Scope of 7th Grade Science