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6th Grade Writing Workshop Units of Study (Teachers College)

This year we will be focusing on Narrative, Argument, and Informational Writing. 


Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop Model
Writing Workshop Model

Unit 1: Writing Personal Narratives



Your English Language Arts grade will be a combination of both reading and writing work. 


50% -- Assessments and Projects

30% -- In class work

20% -- Homework



If you are absent you have the amount of days you were out to make up the work. Please check the absent folder when you get back from being out. Always check School Loop to see what you missed. 


Late Work

I will accept late work for a maximum of 75% credit. Students can turn in late work up to 7 days late. Once 7 days has passed, work will not be accepted. 


Once a week we will be taking time to apprentice mentor authors. In class we will read an excerpt from a finished text. Students notice what the author has done well, name it, and then try that technique out in their own writing. 


**All Apprenticeship Assignments can be found on Google Classroom.