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Students Should...

-Be reading their partnership book every night for 25 minutes

-Be reading a back up book if they finish their partnership book early

-Be filling out their Traveling Bookmark Log everyday at school and at home

-Be writing about their reading in their notebook when they reach significant parts in their book

-Be talking about their books with their partners



Samantha Helms Locker

Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop Model
Reading Workshop Model
Unit 1: Thinking Deeply About Characters
As we read fiction together with partners, we will be starting off the year  focusing on these strategies.


Your English Language Arts grade will be a combination of both reading and writing work. 


50% -- Assessments and Projects

30% -- In class work

20% -- Homework



If you are absent you have the amount of days you were out to make up the work. Please check the absent folder when you get back from being out. Always check School Loop to see what you missed. 


Late Work

I will accept late work for a maximum of 75% credit. Students can turn in late work up to 7 days late. Once 7 days has passed, work will not be accepted. 

Current Read Alouds
Current Read Alouds
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