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Computers- Mr. Connolly, room 204

Mr. Connolly's Computer class is designed to teach children that computers can be used as a vehicle for self-expression, knowledge acquisition and productivity.  Students start by learning about internet ethics and web-based research.  From there they learn the basics of web page design by making DreamWeaver web pages.   More than the work done in class, Mr. Connolly would like the children to leave the class with the confidence to use computers for whatever project they wish to accomplish and to look at computers as a friend and not something to be feared.

Art- Mr. Anke, room 201

In Art students work with three dimensional media such as clay, paper mache and found objects.  They also practice creating the illusion of depth in two dimensions by using one, two, and three point perspective, line variation, color theory, atmospheric perspective, foreshortening, shading and other methods.  2D projects include computer design, cartooning, painting, illustrating, multi media, and more.  Students also work on three-dimensional projects such as wheel and hand-built pottery, reliefs, additive and subtractive sculpture, mask making and more.


Wood Technology (Shop)- Ms. Murphy, room 220

Wood Technology with Ms. Murphy is a hands-on class that is project oriented, but the emphasis is on the process.  Students practice their listening skills, following directions, and working in sequential order.  Students apply math concepts and skills learned in the class to complete woodworking projects of their choice.  Ms. Murphy believes that all students can have success in woodworking.  Her class opens up opportunities for students to learn skills that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives and will allow them to appreciate and value quality workmanship.

Home Economics - Mrs. Applin, room 411

Mrs. Applin's focus in Home Economics is to give students basic cooking and sewing skills.  In food labs, students practice following recipes, preparing healthy and tasty dishes, using a variety of kitchen tools, and keeping a kitchen clean, safe and organized. Recipes include breads, cookies, pizza, dinners, salads, vegetables, desserts and more.  You can expect your child to come home wanting to cook!  Students also have the opportunity to learn how to sew by hand and use a sewing machine.  The different Home Economics classes produce sewing projects including pillowcases, placemats, tote bags and more.  Students also explore other independent living skills including etiquette, home care, laundry, personal finance and room design.  


Foreign Languages - Ms. Windfuhr, room 604

In Foreign Languages, your child embarks on a short exciting journey to learn some basics about French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin. This class helps students focus on one or more of the four languages offered as full-year electives during 7th and 8th grade.  (Successful completion of the two-year program at Stanley gives our students the equivalent of one year of foreign language study at the high school.) We are using modern and engaging language, travel and music videos. We also do research on world cultures with their different customs, traditions, music, and art.


Robotics - Mr. Meneghetti, room 804

Mr. Meneghetti’s Engineering/Robotics class  is an exciting new course in the 7th grade exploratory wheel.   STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education serves as a catalyst for the the course with a specific emphasis on Engineering. Project design, problem solving, perseverance, and independent thinking are skills that will be emphasized during this 9 week experience.  Students will be engaged in variety of engineering design challenges developed to test and improve students’ problem solving skills.   Engineering challenges such as ping pong ball launchers, rubber band cars, electric cars, and Lego EV3 Robots are among the exciting challenges that await students working individually and in small groups.  Each project will be designed and built with the purpose of performing a specific task or action.