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Independent Study

INDEPENDENT STUDY:  Each time your child misses school for any reason (sick, vacation, others) the Lafayette School District loses $44 per day in revenues from the state. Attendance in school is best for your child's education. If your child is ill, keep him/her home until well enough to return to school. If you must take your child on a trip for 5 days or more, ask your school to provide him with an Independent Study packet (Please give the school at least 2 weeks' notice for an Independent Study request) to help him keep up with his studies while gone. Doing so is a WIN-WIN scenario. Your child keeps pace with his classes and is considered PRESENT on those days (NOT ABSENT) for State funding purposes. However, for absences less than five days or absences greater than 5 days without a completed Independent Study, your child misses invaluable instruction time and the state withholds funding from the District at $44/day. The District strongly recommends that trips and vacations be scheduled during non-school days.
This is BEST, firstly for your children, our students, and secondly, for the District especially amidst persistent state funding cuts.