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  • Students are required to attend all classes regularly. Full day absences must be verified by a parent/guardian by calling the attendance line at 927-3548 before 9:00 a.m.
  • Parents may request homework from their teachers via School Loop.
  • Communicable diseases must be reported.
  • If a student has six (6) or more unverified absences in a trimester, it is considered extreme and consequences may ensue. If an absence of five days or more is unavoidable, please request an Independent Study Form two weeks before your departure. Parent/Guardian and student must sign and date the forms.


Students must sign out in the office before leaving campus. Please do not report appointments on the attendance message recorder.  In the event of a last minute appointment, the parent must sign out the student in the office. Students arriving late must report to the school office with a doctor’s or parent/guardian’s note.

If your student will be walking to an appointment, please send a note to the office stating that you authorize your student to walk. If someone other than the student's parent will be picking them up, please send a note with the following information: name of the person that is picking up the student along with a parent signature. As before,  we will only call students out of class if someone is here to pick them up. If a student is walking it is their responsibility to remember to come to the office and sign out. We will not call them.


If a student is tardy 3 times or more, there will be consequences (lunch or after school detention or other disciplinary action).