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French 1A

French IA

How to get the sound files from the school loop locker, read below

School Loop does not have a locker on the app. You must log into the School Loop website to access the locker. I talked to them a lot and the locker is on their to-do list.


Select Full Web Site View - YOUR CLASSROOM - Locker tab


You need to tap the box next to the sound file just right and click download.


The A version of a dialogue is faster. The B version is slower and leaves time to repeat in the pauses provided, very useful!


The vocabulary has only one version and you should have time to repeat if you act fast.


If the download does NOT work on your phone, download to your computer and then send yourself an email with the sound files attached (thank-you LM for the tip!).


Please make ample use of the sound files, they will help you to advance much faster in your new language!

Assigned: 03/01/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

Check out a new app called Hello Talk, read details

I checked it out and it looks interesting. As with any other online tool, exercise caution and do not reveal your personal information.


A note from a student:


I found this really cool language learning app called “hello talk” that helps you interact with native speakers and help them learn your native language! It also has a large amount of younger users too! 




Assigned: 03/01/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

Here is a back-up copy for the blue sheet assignment, file it on your computer

Assigned: 03/01/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

#6 BONUS up-dated 3rd trimester, important details below



1) Bonus activity: Watching movies in the target language = to promote deeper linguistic and cultural understanding


Students may watch up to 2 movies per trimester for 30 bonus points each (homework category). The original language of the movie must be French or German and you are encouraged to use English (or French/German) subtitles to help you understand the content. You must write about the movie, telling WHY you liked it or WHY you did not and your parents need to sign in your planner.


To help you select an appropriate movie, I encourage you to check out the teacher website below for more information. The owner is a former teacher and they give good summaries for each title. Then you can find that movie on your own preferred site, such as Netflix.


My Question To FilmArobics:


I was wondering about the way you order films by grade. What is the reasoning for it? Is it the content and the difficulty of the French language or is it also the MPAA rating? Thanks for letting me know. Claudia


Answer from FilmArobics:


Hi Claudia--


Thanks for contacting FilmArobics!


Very good question. Determining the grade level was hard and is subject to how well you know your students and their ability with the language. We wanted to give at least a starting point for the movies knowing that each district is different, depending on where the student start learning language, their curriculum, etc. 


We examined the content and the language level. Often the Disney movies, for example, appeal more to early learners--however there are some that work as well for older students, a sort of "walk down memory lane" since they too will know the story and can focus on the language often without the subtitles.  Other more authentic movies are listed for early grades by their language as well as the theme. Often these are the equivalent of PG or PG13 so that more "adult" content is avoided completely or mostly. There are some movies where a touch of nudity (Papillon--boy's behind) can be avoided and we have notes to this effect in the write up. Generally the R rated movies have violence (Pan's Labyrith) and more adult scenes, and are often used for upper level classes, AP, and college students. The write ups and trailers provided can often give a flavor of the movies.



Kanopy is a free movie streaming platform linked to your library organizations.

Log in with your library card and get immediate access to all sorts of movies, documentaries...for free.



3) Other cultural activities, such as going to exhibitions may also work, please check with your teacher.


4) Keep the daily log for absent students = to promote independent learning, up to 10 points (posted in the category: Participation)  

Assigned: 03/22/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

#19 evaluation of class portfolio

Assigned: 03/29/19 Category: class projects Points: 20 Due: 05/29/19

#20 evaluation by LPIE docents

Assigned: 03/29/19 Category: class projects Points: 40 Due: 05/29/19

#49, yes, return the book; I will give more assignments with your workbook later. According to block you return 5/30 or 5/31

Assigned: 05/14/19 Category: Assignment Points: 20 Due: 05/30/19

#50 participation 2/2 period 4

Assigned: 05/14/19 Category: participation Points: 0 Due: 06/03/19

#51 participation 2/2 period 5

Assigned: 05/14/19 Category: participation Points: 0 Due: 06/03/19

#54 5/31 final 6

Assigned: 05/21/19 Category: Test Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

#53 in class work: last email letter to pen pals, period 5: if you did not print in class, please hand in your letter Friday or you receive no points, vocabulary attached here

Assigned: 05/21/19 Category: class projects Points: 20 Due: 05/24/19

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