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Tomatina Festival
Tomatina Festival

Spanish IB


Our Curriculum

We cover high school Level 1 Spanish over the course of two years.  We use the same textbook as the area high schools.  Students who successfully complete Spanish 1A and 1B at Stanley are recommended for Spanish 2 as freshmen.  We are proud of our program, which offers middle school-appropriate differentiated lessons and communicative activities.  In addition to speaking, reading and writing, our students learn cultural basics of the Spanish-speaking world. LPIE cultural projects each trimester also enrich our curriculum.


The study of a foreign language develops many other skills across the curriculum, in keeping with the Common Core focus. "The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts / Literacy help build creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, and communication. They set another bold precedent to improve the academic achievement of our students. The standards develop the foundation for creative and purposeful expression in language - fulfilling California's vision that all students graduating from our public school system be lifelong learners and have the skills and knowledge necessary to be ready to assume their position in our global economy." (from CDE, March, 2013)

Contact Jenny Sousa  Jenny Sousa ex: 1601 Spanish 1B

Recommended Class Supplies:

  • 3-ring binder (you may share this with another class)
  • 5 dividers (handouts, vocabulary, notes, songs, work)
  • Pencils 
  • Workbooks (Core and Guided Practice) - you'll get a packet each chapter

I can provide these supplies for any student who needs them.  Please see me at break or lunch. 


In order to make this a great year and a fun class, please commit to the following:

I will...

  • be respectful to my classmates and my teacher.
  • put my best effort into my school work.
  • obey all classroom (and school) rules.
  • come prepared with homework and class materials.
  • spend 10-15 minutes a day studying vocabulary for this class and completing homework (even on weekends).
  • check my grade weekly and talk to or email Mrs. Sousa immediately if I have any concerns or questions about my grade.
  • take the initiative to seek help if I start to fall behind.

Let's have a great year!

Absent Work

If you miss work due to an excused absence, you have one week to complete make-up work.  It is your responsibility to ask a classmate, check your homework calendar, check School Loop and pick up any handouts from the NEED HANDOUTS file box.   Please let Mrs. Sousa know which, day at lunch, you’ll make-up quizzes/tests (they aren't given to you during class the next day).  Plan ahead – Mrs. Sousa may not be available every day!

Late Work

Late work is not accepted.  Please pay attention in class, check the whiteboard while you're in class, and check School Loop when you get home.

What You Can Do At Home:

  • Self quizzes (fold your vocabulary list so that you are looking only at the Spanish or English, on another piece of paper write the language you are not looking at, then check yourself, be sure to mark any words that you need to continue studying) - try 5 a day: breakfast, lunch, after school, before homework, after homework - you'll notice that you'll know the vocabulary in no time!
  • Make and use flashcards
  • Label things around your house and say the word each time you see the item
  • Teach a parent or sibling what you are learning in class
  • Have a parent give you a spelling quiz on your vocabulary words
  • Attend cultural activities (festivals, concerts, museum exhibits, etc.)

10-15 minutes a day is your way to an A!