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I challenge you to:

- Be persistent.  Do not quit.

- Go above and beyond expectations.  Do not be satisfied with "good enough".

- Be present, active and aware in the classroom.  Do not blend in.

- Maintain the pace of the class.  Do not lag.

- Know that being stuck or confused is good, because that means you are learning something that you do not fully understand yet.  Do not seek easy and boring busy work.

- Ask the right questions at the right time.  Do not wait.

- Share your mathematical thinking with others, receive peer feedback, then revise your thinking.  Do not work in isolation.

- Hold yourself to a high standard of self-improvement.  Do not compare your grades or accomplishments with someone else's.

- Own your learning and understand that seeking help is a power move and not at all a sign of weakness.  Do not sit quiet and confused while a math class is happening all around you.

Mr. Huntoon's Website

*** UPDATED 12/11/19 ***

Independent Practice Scoring Guide


Percent of 4 points





  • All problems show evidence of an initial attempt.
  • The best way to deeply learn and understand mathematical concepts is to get comfortable with a process that speeds up and slows down and involves looking for patterns, connecting newer ideas to older ones, being confused, getting stuck, making errors of all sorts and realizing that this is how math is learned.  So you need to try to start every problem on an assignment and take each one as far as you can.
  • There is no penalty for making errors or for problems that are started but not finished.
  • You will always have an opportunity to receive feedback and to revise your mathematical thinking by correcting your assignments as needed.  These assignments then become a study guide for assessments.




  • If an assignment is late due to an excused absence, then it qualifies for a Complete score.
  • If an assignment is late for any other reason, then it qualifies for a Late score.
  • For a Late score, all problems need to show evidence of an initial attempt.
  • A late assignment can be turned in on or before the Monday following the original due date.
  • If you are absent when an assignment is due, then a temporary score of N will be recorded.  (See ‘Not turned in’ below.)
  • If you miss the deadline for a Late score, then the N will be permanent.
  • Turn in a late assignment when appropriate during class.  Do not leave it on a desk, give it to a sub, mix it in with other assignments, or otherwise misplace it.




  • One or more of the problems shows no evidence of an initial attempt.
  • Correct answers for multi-step problems are not supported by evidence of your mathematical thinking.  “I did it in my head.”
  • If you get an Incomplete score, then you can still submit the assignment for a Late score.




  • The assignment is mostly blank or contains only answers that are not supported by the communication of your mathematical thinking.
  • If you get a Redo score, then you can still submit the assignment for a Late score.



Not turned in

  • The assignment, for whatever reason, was not ready when due.
  • The 25% credit reflects credit earned by the work you do in the classroom preparing for Independent Practice assignments.
  • Missing assignments will not be indicated as zeros in School Loop.
  • If you get a Not turned in score, then you can still submit the assignment for a Late score.


Online access to your textbooks

Our textbooks are available online and can be found by following these steps.


website:  (there is no ‘www’ at the beginning of the url)

username:    student33016

password:    f2x9s


Math Center

Click HERE for the 2019-20 Math Center schedule.

Back to School Night Presentation

Click HERE to review the presentation from Back to School Night on Thursday 8/29/19.


Math Websites

Purplemath - This is an excellent resource to learn about or to review many Algebra concepts.

Math Forum at Drexel: Student Center - From Drexel University, this is a user friendly resource for students of all ages.


How To Access Your Library Account in Destiny

Click HERE to learn how you can confirm ALL of the books that you have checked out from Stanley.

This includes TEXTBOOKS for your classes and LIBRARY BOOKS that you have checked out to read.

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