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Amy Wright

Mrs. Wright
Mrs. Wright

About your teacher...

I went through school loving math classes and working with all kinds of kids.  I attended UC Irvine and UC Berkeley to earn my bachelors and teaching credential.  Teaching at Stanley, on and off, since 1993 has been my place to care about kids and their love of math.  My hope is that my students will grow in confidence and skill, and be inspired by how mathematics is involved in every aspect of their lives.

Math is wonderful!

If you want to explore, learn more or play a math game...

Here are some links to activities you may find intriguing.... enjoy!  

West Point Bridge Project - design your own bridge and test it

Math Forum @ Drexel University - find classic math problems 

National LIbrary of Virtual Manipulatives - play all kinds of different games

Wolfram Alpha - search facts of any theme

Cool Math - silly games and lessons