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Homework Tips:

*  Have a 15 minute snack before you start working.

*  Do not text, play computer games or watch TV while doing homework.

*  Find a quiet spot with room for your books.

*  Take a short break after 30 minutes if you have really been focused.

*  If you are stuck, check school loop or call a friend in the class.

*  When you are done, check your finished work against school loop.

*  Before bed, pack your backpack and put it by the door.

How can I improve my grades in my classes?

   Hand your work in on time.  

   The easiest way is to use a homework folder that only has homework in it (no graded old work.)  Check your homework folder in each class to be sure there is nothing you forgot to hand in.

   Make sure you have NO ZEROs

   If you have zeros in school loop, click on progress report to the right of the grade for that class.  The progress report will show you what work your teacher does not have.

Katy Ousterman


Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.

- Albert Einstein


Thank You to the LPIE and SEED for all your support.


Math Help

Lunch Math Help


Monday  Rm 304

Ms. Howard/

Ms. Ousterman


Rm 212

Ms. McGlothlen

Wednesday Rm 208 Ms. Mara
Thursday Rm 302

Mrs. Wright


Rm 306

Mr. Huntoon


After School Math Help


Tuesday Rm 305 

Ms. Godfrey/Mr. Ratto

Thursday Rm 303 

Ms. McGlothlen/

Ms. Swerling


The Purpose of Homework

The goal of homework to build student's resilience and flexibility. 

The focus is not on memorizing algorithms but on recognizing patterns and relationships.

Stanley Library

The Library is open for students who want to get work done or like a quite space to be.

before school from 7:45,

at lunch,

and after school until 4:00 every school day



After School Homework Help

7th & 8th grade


Monday Rm    
Tuesday Rm   
Wednesday Rm   


Lunch Time Clubs

A list of clubs is on the main Stanley Web site.