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Kathleen McGough



I am looking forward to travelling around the world with 7th grade Core this year.  We will experience diverse cultures in our study of history during the Medieval Times.  


Our travels will take us to the Roman Empire, then on to discover the Feudal System in Europe, and The Byzantine Empire. From there we will explore the teachings of Muhammad and the development of Islam. 


In the spring, we'll be treated to the riches of the Renaissance and play an interactive game during the War Lords of Japan!  


In English, we will build our knowledge using content-rich non-fiction, fiction and independent reading.  


We will learn writing skills which can be used in any writing situation we face.  We'll learn how to write narrative short fiction, how to write strong information pieces, and how to write an argument and defend it during a debate.  


Missing an Assignment???

If you are missing an assignment, it could be waiting for you in the "No Name Tray!"  These assignments are often complete, well-done, and ready and willing to raise your grade...simply add your name and turn in to the "Inbox" to receive credit.  You will lose 2 points on the assignment for no name.  Thanks!

Favorite Quotes of Room 404!

"The journey is the reward."  Chinese Proverb