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Debbie Valvur

Back to School Night Google Slides Presentation.

Back to School Night Google Slides Presentation

Welcome to Mrs. Valvur's 6th Grade Core Class

Dear Parents and Students,


As your Core teacher, I’d like to welcome you to an exciting new year of learning and growing.  The first year of middle school will build upon what you’ve already learned in elementary school and teach students self-advocacy skills.


Core class consists of three subjects: Language Arts, Reading, and History. You will receive two official grades: a grade in each Language Arts (reading and writing), and a grade in History. A progress report will be sent home if your grade is lower than a C.  Report cards will be sent home at the end of each semester. Progress can be checked by logging into School Loop. Please make sure both student and parent(s) have their own account (see the First Day of School letter sent home on 8/9).


As for me, unbelievably, this will be my 20th year teaching at Stanley, and I truly enjoy Sixth-Grade Core! Many plans are in store for the coming year. We will become archaeologists, learn about early humans, and travel back in time to visit ancient civilizations. In addition, as readers you will have the opportunity to develop reading skills and discover new authors, and as writers you will practice writing in different genres.  I hope that you will finish sixth grade as lifelong learners, eager to face new challenges with confidence. 


For parents, Back to School Night (BTS) will be on Tuesday, August 23rd more information will be coming. Please mark your calendars.


Please click on the following blue link for the parent/guardian survey about your child - Family Survey. This helps me to learn about your child and better address your child's needs. Please complete this before BTSN, Tuesday, August 23rd. Thank you so much in advance.


Core supplies needed for class are listed to the right on this website. While scrolling down below this letter, you will find a general guide about class expectations, and School Loop grade codes to help you understand how School Loop.


I’m looking forward to a great year in Core.  



Debbie Valvur

(925) 927-3530, ext. 1807



6th Grade Core Guide
Mrs. Valvur s Class - Room 807
SMS Reading Habits

Stanley Middle School Reading Habits  

Book Selection

I strive to… choose chapter books 

I strive to… choose texts that feel like a challenge, but I can still understand

I strive to… read a variety of genres 

I strive to…  check for readability and fluency as I read*

I strive to… plan for my next book right away

I strive to… keep a system for tracking my reading

Volume & Stamina

I strive to… do 100+ minutes of reading outside of school each week

I strive to… read 2+ books a month

Thinking about your reading 

I strive to… actively think and applying skills as I read**, capturing my thinking by…

  • Jotting

  • Notebook work

  • Reading responses

  • Conversations (using prompts and coming with my own talking points)

& I ground all thinking in text evidence

Goal setting

I strive to… set goals to push myself as a reader on my skills, habits & level

  • Skill- what skill (the thinking/ brain work as I read) do I want to focus on improving?

  • Habit- what habit (the consistent practice of when/ how I read) do I want to focus on improving?

  • Level- What texts will I challenge myself with to practice my reading skills?




Core Supplies

Always have a fully charged Chromebook with you for Core class.

Please come to school with a writing utensil (pencil or black/blue pen).

Your Core folder (given to you by Mrs. Valvur) must be brought to school each day.

An independent reading book in your backpack is required.

A reusable water bottle is also a good idea to have with you at all times.


Contact Information

Parents: I teach everyday, but I am usually unavailable during class-time. I will make every effort to return e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours. E-mail is the best way to reach me.

Students: I am available most  breaks and lunches for questions or help. Be sure to tell me ahead of time, so I can plan accordingly.


Phone: 927-3530 ext 1807

Scholastic Book Orders

If you picked up a Scholastic Books flier and are interested in purchasing books from Scholastic, my class activation code is: HMD6F