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Core Supplies


Dear Parents and Students,


We had a wonderful start to the school year. As a reminder, due to your generous support of LPIE and PTA, supplies for core will be provided in class. If your child is requesting specific items, you can decide if the purchase will be beneficial for your child's success.



The 6th Grade Core Teachers

Contact Information

Parents: I teach everyday, but I am usually unavailable during class-time. I will make every effort to return e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours. E-mail is the best way to reach me.

Students: I am available most  breaks and lunches for questions or help. Be sure to tell me ahead of time, so I can plan accordingly.


Phone: 927-3530 ext 1807

Scholastic Book Orders

If you picked up a Scholastic Books flier and are interested in purchasing books from Scholastic, my class activation code is: HMD6F

Debbie Valvur

Sixth Grade Core


6th Grade Core - Room 807

Mrs. Valvur



Mrs. Valvur’s 6th Grade

Dear Parents and Students,


It was wonderful seeing many parents attend BTSN. If you are interested in reviewing the Google Slides Presentation, following is the link:


Here are links to the handouts:


What can you do at home?


School Loop, What to Look for:


Miscellaneous Core Information:

  • Late Homework, 6th Grade Core Policy -
    • Late work, with reduced credit, will be accepted for seven days after the due date - after seven days late work will NOT be accepted.
    • Work is late if not ready to be turned in at the beginning of class.
  • Grading, 6th Grade Core Policy - In 6th grade core, A+s are NOT given.
  • Book Chats -
    • One Book Chat is required of each student each trimester.
    • The Book Chats are given each Wednesday.
    • Students must sign up in class on the board and must cancel by the Friday before the sign up date, or they will receive a zero.
    • No more than four openings are available for sign up each week - don't wait until the last Book Chat date or you may miss out!
    • Books chosen for a chat must not have been shared in a previous chat (check out what has been shared on Google Classroom, About).
    • Last Book Chat for the first trimester is Wednesday, November 8th.
  • Reading - 
    • Traveling Book Marks (TBM) - 
      • Only ONE late TBM is accepted each trimester (with reduced credit). 
      • TBM are due every Wednesday at the beginning of class. 
    • 1800 Pages of completed books reading requirement
      • Books must be input using the form on Google Classroom, Language Arts, About, "Books Read."
      • Books must be 200+ pages or you need approval from Mrs. Valvur.
      • Graphic or graphic heavy novels (such as Diary of Wimpy Kid) do not count toward the 1800 pages.
      • Books completed during the 6th grade school year count toward the 1800 pages. Books read and completed in the summer do not count toward the 1800 pages.
      • Books may only be read once during the school year for credit.
      • Completed books must be read input by 11/1 to count for the first trimester.
  • All forms can be found on Google Classroom.
  • I do my best to keep School Loop updated. Grades can take time to be updated on School Loop, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

If you haven't had a chance, please complete the Parent Survey:




Debbie. Valvur

(925) 927-3530, ext. 1807

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