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History 8 Locker
8/18/17 10:03 AM

Jennifer Sutherland

Everyone Belongs
Everyone Belongs
History 8


If any extra credit is offered, it will be offered to the class and posted in the classroom.   Any score that is in this assignment, that is the percentage that will added to your grade at the end of the trimester. 

Assigned: 03/04/19 Category: extra Credit Points: 0 Due: 06/05/19


See google classroom extra signature sheets if necessary.   Please remember to try and not wait until the last week to complete community service.  It is difficult to find 3 hours in that one week.  Please remember to ask teachers, pay attention to announcements, and see opportunity knocks link to find opportunities.  There is no need to go outside of the school community and Lafayette unless you want to! 




Assigned: 03/04/19 Category: Classwork and Homework (Process) Points: 50 Due: 05/31/19
Jennifer Sutherland Locker
10/16/17 7:58 AM