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Opportunity Knocks "Gold Slip"

Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to Stanley’s Student Community Service Program

...Connecting Stanley students with volunteer community service opportunities!

...Inspiring a culture of caring, building character and showing responsibility as we enthusiastically give back to our community!

Opp Knocks Faq

1. What is Opp Knocks?

Opp Knocks is a student body organization at Stanley Middle School that encourages students to volunteer in the community by facilitating service opportunities and educating students about community needs and organizations that address those needs.  Opp Knocks strives to identify a wide range of volunteer opportunities for students.  These include opportunities at school, in the Lafayette community and beyond.  

2. How does a student get involved and find out about volunteer opportunities?

Please visit our Lunchtime Club list to see when OppKnocks meetings are held.  During these meetings, students will learn about volunteer opportunities in the community, and volunteers will be recognized for their service.  Bring a friend!  All students are welcome. Check the Opp Knocks Events page for a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities.

3. How does a student sign up for an event?

Each volunteer opportunity on the Opp Knocks Events page includes information about signing up for the event. In most cases, students will click on a link to sign up for the event.

4. How does a student get credit for volunteer service?

Unless student volunteers are told otherwise by the event's volunteer coordinator, they should bring an Opp Knocks "Gold Slip" to the event for the volunteer coordinator to sign. The Gold Slips can be picked up from the Stanley office or printed from the link on this web page. After the event, the student volunteer should turn the signed Gold Slip into the Opp Knocks box in the Stanley Office.

5. Can a student get credit for “outside” volunteer hours?

Yes! Students can get Opp Knocks credit for a volunteer opportunity that is not a sponsored Opp Knocks event (i.e. not posted on the Opp Knocks events page as an opportunity for all Stanley students). Students can get upto a total of 10 hours of OppKnocks credit each year for "outside" volunteer service. To get credit for the service, the student needs fill out a GOLD SLIP, have it signed by the volunteer coordinator, and turn it into the Stanley office. To receive credit, the student should not be getting credit or special recognition from any other group or organization (ex. scouts).

6. How do students find out how many hours of service I have credit for?

At the end of each trimester, an announcement will be made requesting that students turn in all outstanding OppKnocks hours.  Once the final hours are tallied, student service hours will be posted in the office and another announcement will made encouraging volunteers to check their service hour totals.

7. Event Coordinators

Members of community service organizations can contact the Opportunity Knocks chairperson(s) throughout the year to request help at their events. The event/organization's volunteer coordinator will provide information about the volunteer information (including information about the time, date, location, job duties, number of volunteers needed and contact information) and provide a link to a sign-up. Information about volunteer opportunities are posted on the OppKnocks events page. To request student volunteers to help at your event, please send an email with the above information to

8. Parent Involvement


Contact if you are interested or would like to learn more.


9. Volunteer Incentives

As students accumulate volunteer service hours, they are eligible to receive various awards and recognition. The awards for this year will be decided with input of OppKnocks student volunteers within the first month of school.