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Opportunity Knocks "Gold Slip"

Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to Stanley’s Student Community Service Program

...Connecting Stanley students with volunteer community service opportunities!


...Inspiring a culture of caring, building character and showing responsibility as we enthusiastically give back to our community!

OppKnocks FAQ's

1. What is OppKnocks?

Opp Knocks is a student body organization at Stanley Middle School that encourages students to volunteer in the community by facilitating service opportunities and educating students about community needs and organizations that address those needs.  Opp Knocks strives to identify a wide range of volunteer opportunities for students.  These include opportunities at school, in the Lafayette community and beyond.  Last year, volunteer experiences included: Contra Costa Food Bank, John Muir Rehab, Lafayette Convalescent Home, city festivals, events at local elementary schools.


2. How does a student get involved?

Opportunity Knocks meetings are held every other Wednesday at lunch in the Multi-Use Room (MUR).  During these meetings, students will learn about volunteer opportunities in the community and volunteers will be recognized for their service.  Bring a friend!  All students are welcome. Check this webpage for a listing of meeting dates and other news, and listen for announcements in morning announcements.


3. How does a student sign up for an event?

During our meetings at lunch, upcoming events are discussed. Students can sign up at the end of the meeting for any event that interests them. Students can also sign up by visiting our Opp Knocks Events Page and filling out the form by using their Stanley GoogleDocs account.


Students can also go to the school office and look over the Opportunity Knocks Binder. The binder is placed in the office after each meeting and all sign-up sheets are in the binder. When students attend the Wednesday OppKnocks meeting, they do the following when signing up for an event:

  1. Sign up for the event on the sign-up sheet (make sure your schedule allows you to participate).

  2. Pick up a GOLD “OppKnocks” SLIP (the size of a post card).

  3. Pick up a small reminder slip indicating which event was selected. This information includes the date, time and the contact for the event should any questions or cancellations arise.



4. What does a student take when attending a volunteer event?

Students take the OppKnocks’ GOLD SLIP with them to the volunteer event. The volunteer coordinator will sign the slip and the student returns the slip back to the office and places it in the OppKnocks box.



5. How does a student get credit for volunteering?

When the student turns in the OppKnocks’ GOLD SLIP in the OppKnocks Box in the front office, it will be recorded into our tracking database. It will be listed periodically in the OppKnocks Binder.


6. Can a student get credit for “outside” volunteer hours?

Yes! Students volunteering for a non-profit that is not a “Stanley Event” can get up to 10 hours of OppKnocks credit. The student needs to obtain an OppKnocks GOLD SLIP from the OppKnocks meeting or from the binder.  The GOLD SLIP should be filled out including a signature from the volunteer coordinator and returned to the OppKnocks Box in the school office.


7. Event Coordinators

Members of community service organizations contact the Opportunity Knocks chairperson(s) throughout the year requesting assistance at their events. They provide information about the event, time, date, location, job duties, number of volunteers needed and contact information. A sign-up is posted in the OppKnocks Binder and also available at our bi-monthly meetings. Prior to the event, the event coordinators are responsible for making a copy of the sign-up sheet and contacting the students to confirm their participation and provide additional event information.  To request student volunteers to help at your event, please email Amy Madrigal and Marianne Brent with the above information at


8. Parent Involvement

As with many other extra-curricular programs or clubs, additional parent involvement is needed throughout the year in the following areas:

  • Coordinating Food Bank involvement

  • Coordinating Lost & Found sorting events

  • Coordinating hot cocoa sales on Wednesday mornings (December – March)

  • Coordinating various Lafayette Community Center events (haunted house, bunny hop, etc.)

  • Driving to various events



9. Volunteer Incentives

As students accumulate volunteer service hours, they are eligible to receive various awards and recognition. The awards for this year will be decided with input of Opp Knocks student volunteers within the first month of school.