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925-927-3530 ext 1801

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please email, call, or send a note with your child.  Most often I reply to emails the same day I receive them.

Kris Rasmussen Locker
8/12/20 2:02 PM
5/21/10 9:29 AM

Kris Rasmussen

School Loop Grades Entered

Very early in the trimester, grades are tilted toward A's and F's, as one zero can really bring down the grade. Often these missing assignments are in your backpack, or you might have been absent when I collected them. Please turn them in, and your grade will return to what you want and expect. Mr Rass

Science 6
Welcome to Science
Periodic Table of Students
Room 801
Periodic Table of Students

Each student has created their own element using their initials and their imagination. Elements are organized by class period and represent their ownership of room 801.