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Computers - Wheel 6 & 7 and 8th grade year-long

Mr. Connolly, room 204 -

Computer class is designed to teach children that computers can be used as a vehicle for self-expression, knowledge acquisition and productivity.  Students start by learning about internet ethics and web-based research.  From there they learn the basics of web page design by making DreamWeaver web pages.   More than the work done in class, Mr. Connolly would like the children to leave the class with the confidence to use computers for whatever project they wish to accomplish and to look at computers as a friend and not something to be feared.


Art - Wheel 6 and Yearbook - 7/8 year-long 

Mr. Anke, room 201 -

 Art - In art class students work with three dimensional media such as clay, paper mache, wood and found objects.  They also practice creating the illusion of depth in two dimensions by using one, two, and three point perspective, line variation, color theory, atmospheric perspective, foreshortening, shading and other methods.  2D projects include painting, print making, illustrating, computer design, multi media, and more.

Yearbook - In yearbook, we combine photography, writing and design to come up with an outstanding annual.  Students learn to use SLR cameras, they work in Photoshop, Edesign, iPhoto, and Word.  Through teamwork, personal responsibility, and practice, they become better photographers, graphic designers, and writers over the course of the year.


Wood Technology (Shop)- Wheel 6 & 7 and 8th grade year-long 

Ms. Murphy, room 220 -

The Wheel 6 woodworking class is designed to be a hands-on, project-based class in which students develop basic woodworking skills, a safety attitude, and basic skills in wood project construction using hand tools.  The course will focus around the concept of "learning by doing" and also follow the S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum.  This class opens up opportunities for students to learn skills that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives and will allow them to appreciate and value quality workmanship.

Wheel 7 students will have the opportunity to begin working with common woodworking machinery and power tools to further advance their skills.  During the course of the class students will focus on how to safely and successfully use the band saw, disc sander, scroll saw, and power sanders.  Students will assemble their projects with either glue, screws, or nails and apply a variety of finishes.  They will learn to produce projects that will reflect pride in themselves.

Home Economics - 8th grade year-long 

Mrs. Applin, room 411-

In home economics, students learn to be more independent, more creative and more confident as they cook, sew and pursue other personal skills including nutrition, healthy lifestyles, career options, and basic personal finance.  Using our classroom kitchens and sewing stations, students will add to their own ability to take care of themselves and explore what life has to offer them now and in the future.


Robotics - Wheel 6 & 7 and 8th grade year-long 

Mr. Meneghetti, room 804 -

Mr. Meneghetti’s Engineering/Robotics class  is an exciting new course in the 7th grade exploratory wheel.   STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education serves as a catalyst for the the course with a specific emphasis on Engineering. Project design, problem solving, perseverance, and independent thinking are skills that will be emphasized during this 9 week experience.  Students will be engaged in variety of engineering design challenges developed to test and improve students’ problem solving skills.   Engineering challenges such as ping pong ball launchers, rubber band cars, electric cars, and Lego EV3 Robots are among the exciting challenges that await students working individually and in small groups.  Each project will be designed and built with the purpose of performing a specific task or action. 


Wellness - Wheel 7

Ms. Schoenrock, room 215 -

In this class, we explore how decisions impact an individual's wellness and the wellness of others.  We will explore specific topics as they relate to the Dimensions of Wellness:

  • Physical wellness - nutrition, alcohol, tobacco/nicotine and marijuana

  • Emotional wellness - stress management, sleep

  • Social wellness - influence of our friends and family on our decisions and well-being

  • Intellectual wellness - growth mindset, resilience and grit

  • Environmental wellness

Study Skills - Wheel 6

Ms. Sutherland, room 402 -

This class is designed to help students navigate the workings of middle school.  Going from a single classroom to multiple classrooms in a day can seem overwhelming.  I hope to help calm your fears and make middle school a success for you!  Topics for this class will include:

  • MLA format

  • In-text citations

  • Google Classroom

  • Google Drive

    • How to create a document, slides, spreadsheet

  • School Loop

    • Emailing a teacher, grades, progress reports, lockers

  • Using a planner

  • How to organize, plan your time, and deal with multiple classes

  • Studying for a test

  • Navigating the school library


Leadership - 8th grade year-long

Ms. Shegoian, room 407 -

I have a responsibility here, but so do you. If we want change this school year, we must be the change and show others the true Wildcat Spirit.  I understand that it is my responsibility to create school spirit, positivity, and most of all, acceptance.  Our job as leadership students is to make sure everyone gets recognized for their differences and talents.  We must make sure everyone has a voice no matter who they are.  In order to ensure changes happen, we must change.  Alone I can only do so much, but together, we can be the change.


Drama & World Languages

Ms. Pitts, room 602 -

Drama - The drama portion of  Wheel 7 is an introduction to acting. Students will focus on enhancing self-awareness and self-confidence and will learn to creatively express character through movement and voice. They will play games and engage in activities to practice concentration, cooperation, memorization and improvisation. As a culminating project in small groups, students plan, film and edit their own music videos.

World Languages - A dynamic introduction to the four languages taught at Stanley: French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. Students learn basic vocabulary and have short conversations in each language. They also sing, dance, cook and create art projects. Additionally, through games, travel and music videos and research in the library, students work together to gain cultural awareness and appreciation for other countries around the world.


electively brilliant teachers!

              Mr. Connolly - computers
             Mr. Anke - art and yearbook
             Ms. Murphy - wood technology
           Ms. Applin - home economics
      Mr. Meneghetti - robotics/ engineering
        Ms. Schoenrock - health & wellness
            Ms. Sutherland - study skills
               Ms. Shegoian - leadership
         Ms. Pitts - Drama & World Cultures