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Resources for  Students who have experienced a traumatic Event  

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Welcome to the Stanley Middle      School Counseling Department

Welcome to Stanley School Counseling! We are available for email, phone and zoom calls. Please reach out via email and we would be happy to provide support and encouragement.

 For student support:
 Students are encouraged to fill out the green form which is located in the front office if they would like to see their school counselor
For PARENT Assistance: 
We speak to parents during the morning and throughout the day via phone 
Please email us for an appointment


~The Stanley Counseling Department Thanks     LPIE and PTA for their support!

What's Current Now 

Here are some materials to help promote mental health awareness.


We all have mental health


Building Good Mental Health

We encourage you to view the materials and have a follow-up discussion with your student. Ask them directly how they have been feeling. Sharing open dialogue that continues over time sends a message that you are a safe person to talk to about mental health. 

Here are some tips to begin that conversation with your middle schooler:

  • Have conversations about stress and mental health early and often - not only when you are concerned.

  • Find a time when you can be alone to talk. Driving or exercising together is a great time to talk with adolescents. 

  • Say something like, “I’ve noticed you seem overwhelmed or stressed lately. How are you doing?”

  • Try not to overreact to what you hear. It is important you listen without judgment. If your child is sharing with you, they are taking a risk and hoping to trust you.

  • Finally, model taking care of your own mental health. Pay attention to your own stress levels, engage in activities such as meditation, exercise, and socializing with supportive people. Share what healthy activities work for you, and ask if there are things they find helpful. Find support when you need it too.


Additionally, if your student has a friend they are concerned about, please share this handout with them. Helping a depressed friend

For Crisis support:

24x7 Counselors: This is a service for all callers needing to talk something out and get support. These counselors will not only provide text or phone counseling, but also refer to other social services resources you may request:

Crisis Text Line:  Text counseling - an amazing nationwide resource. If you or anyone you know is experiencing anxiety, stress, or isolation. The trained Crisis Counselors at the US Crisis Text Line are here to help. To reach the counselors, just text SHARE to 741741. It's free, confidential, and available 24/7.

     Lastly, a quick THANK YOU to LPIE and all of the support that LPIE and PTA provide so that we can offer a high quality School Counseling Experience~ Go Wildcats!

Stanley Wildcats
Stanley Wildcats
  Jennifer Montague (925) 927-3543 School Counselor, A-G
  Mary Nolan (925) 927-3541 Counselor H-O
  Tiffany Sullivan (925) 927-3542 School Counselor, P - Z


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