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Lafayette School District

Staff Directory

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Balmat, Betsy (925) 927-3530 Principal

Assistant Principals

LaBass, Barry (925) 927-3530 Assistant Principal
Mangold, Brian (925) 927-3530 Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Dyer, Liza (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Ekberg, Gina (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Murray, Linda (925) 927-3530 Secretary
Taranto, Denise (925) 927-3530 Secretary


Nolan, Mary (925) 927-3541 Counselor G-M
Ridgway, Lucy (925) 927-3543 Counselor A-F
Sullivan, Tiffany (925) 927-3542 Counselor N - Z


Paschall, Valerie ex.1419 Library Specialist
Stevens, Barbara ex.3545 Library Media Teacher


Anke, Robert ex.1201 Yearbook/Art/Wheel7
Anke, Stephanie ex.1414 PE 6
Applin, Susan ex.1411 HOME EC, Wheel 6
Athayde, Bob ex.3540 Music
Atwater, Leslie ex.1805 CORE 6
Baldwin, Christa ex.1403 CORE 6 - Read 180
Barber, Kathy ex.1806 CORE 6
Bertrand, Victoria ex.1338 IST Sp. Ed
Borghi, Dave ex.1413 PE 8
Brune, Mark ex.1416 PE 6, PE 7
Connolly, Brian ex.1204 Computers/Wheel 6&7
Cyr, Alice ex.1217 SCIENCE 8
DeMatteo, Sarah ex.1213 Science 7 & 8
Gallagher, Donna ex.1203 7th/8th grade Physical Education Teacher
Geritz, Sheila ex.1808 CORE 6
Giles, Michelle ex.1211 Math 6/Math Support
Gladden, Julie ex.1702 CORE 6
Godfrey, Diana ex.1305 Math 6 & 7
Griffith, Megan ex.1703 CORE 6
Hanzel, Lauren ex.1812 CORE 7
Hevenor, Merrissa ex.1813 CORE 7
Howard, Cooper ex.1304 Course 1/Course 2/Math Support 6/Math Support 7
Huckins, Katie ex.1301 English 8
Huntoon, Jason ex.1306 Course 3 Math and Math Support
Krumholz, Anna ex.1803 Science 6 & 7
Kush, Amanda ex.1214 Science 7
Lusk, Teri ex.1405 HIST 8
Mara, Linda ex.1208 Algebra/Math 8
McCalmont, Geoff ex.1212 English 8
McGlothlen, Lilian ex.1212 Math 6 & 7
McGough, Kathleen ex.1404 Core 7
McNulty, Loretta ex.1319 MUSIC
Mendenhall, Emily ex.1701 Core 6
Meneghetti, Michael ex.1804 Science 6/Wheel 7
Murphy, Michele ex.1220 Wood Tech/Wheel 6 & 7
Olson, Susan ex.1211 Mandarin
Ousterman, Katy ex.1408 Instructional Support Teacher
Parnas, Launa ex.1603 Spanish 1A
Perry, Adam ex.3546 PE 7
Peterson, Anne ex.1216 SCIENCE 8
Pitts, Katie ex.1602 SPANISH 1A & 1B
Pledger, Rachel ex.1202 English 8
Plinneke, Charlette ex.1802 SCIENCE 6
Rasmussen, Kris ex.1801 Science 6
Ratto, Bill ex.1209 Course 1/Intro Algebra
Reddam, Alissa ex.1406 Instructional Support Teacher
Reynolds, Darcy ex.3519 Teacher
Schoenrock, Susan ex.3518 Health Educator
Shegoian, Victoria ex.1407 HIST 8/Leadership
Shepherd, Heather ex.1704 CORE 6
Shie, Andre ex.1210 Math 7
Sousa, Jenny ex.1721 ELD & Spanish 1B
Stevens, Barbara ex.3545 Library Media Teacher
Sutherland, Jennifer ex.1402 Core 7/History 8
Swerling, Liz ex.1803 Intro to Algebra
Valvur, Debbie ex.1807 CORE 6
Webber, Dale ex.1409 Instructional Support Teacher
White, Heather ex.1301 CORE 7
Windfuhr, Claudia ex.1604 German 1A/German 1B/French 1A/French 1B/Wheel 6
Winter, Jan ex.1215 Science 7
Wright, Amy ex.1302 Math 8
Young, Rebecca ex.1811 CORE 7